La Molina

La Molina

Hey hey!

From Andorra

Since my last post I received a text from Noel (one of my team members of the Mountain Madness) saying he was in the area. We met up in Andorra de Vella, where i tried to discover why my headlight and tail light were not working and Alex meanwhile sorted out the food (pictured). We quickly decided that it would be cool if Alex could tag along in the Mountain Madness thing as well and before long the three of us decided to find a place to camp for the night off the beaten track and decided to head for Spain where thing are cheaper than France and more space than Andorra.

Riding 2 bikes and a blue van we headed back into Spain to a town: Sort (and beyond) and eventually found a really nice spot to pitch just off of the main road beside a river discreet enough for us to be able to light a fire.

La Molina

Today, the three of us packed up camp and headed here to La Molina where the Mountain Madness thing is meant to be held. It was a bit of a repeat of Ripley with the posers all standing around perving over bikes and talking jargon until your eyes rolled out of their sockets. We soon packed up after realizing there wasn’t much to look at, and searched out for somewhere to sleep.

Beyond that, Noel got his bike out of the van and the three of us took a quick spin looking for this cool little unmentioned refugio/hostel half way up the mountain with free wifi and all the commodities that a bike traveler requires.. shower, food and a wandering dog searching for a stroke.

Anyhow most of the good pictures… if not all the good pictures were taken by Noel. And here’s a few. 😀

Oh by the way, I found the Oakley sunglasses after all. I didn’t leave them on the bike I had taken them up to Bea’s place and they had fallen under the bed. I had given up on them completely.


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  1. Glad you unlost your glasses 😀

    You three look like a right bunch of herberts, terrorising the neighbourhood on your bikes!

    Why no pic of the dog?? 🙁 I like the pic with your visor up and the other two in the background – did you take that one with your phone?

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