Barcelona Tourism

Barcelona Tourism

I felt obligated to see some Gaudí­ things before I left, even though my Barcelona experience was already good without doing the sight-seeing.

Firstly Bea and I went to the Park Gí¼ell and then to La Sagrada Familia. To be honest, if I ever want to feel  like a tourist I’ll catch an open top double-decker back home and sit on a bus with yanks and hear them yack away about the weather.

Anyhow,  two more things ticked off on my list of things, I’ve accomplished.

Today, I’m leaving Barcelona heading nothing to Andorra where I’m meeting Alex (the guy I met in the mist/fog on my way into Spain). I’ll be sad to leave my kind host and this amazing city but I got to keep going. 🙂

By the way those lovely Oakley sunglasses I bought in Porto… they went bye-bye. I’m a bit sad about that, but my fault, I clumbseyly left them on the bike seat outside Bea’s house and they would of vanished anywhere. Oh well, silly me.

Here’s the pictures:

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  1. awww, sucks about the glasses love! aren’t Oakleys the super expensive ones as well? love the pictures though, you’re having so much fun!

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