Throwing Money at a problem… can work!

Unlike my education, throwing money at my bike can produce results… not that I’m bitter about the edukashun. (for those not on the same page of the Neil-o-rama: I failed yet again at architecture… 3 years wasted and £10k a year in loans for nothing).

Anyhow, on an upbeat side of things. I recieved my long awaited chain and sprocket-set this morning (left), so with that I took my bike with the dirt wheels strapped on to tightly to Watling Tyres and got them to do the dirty work. It has been searingly hot today and even if I had the tools to do the job, I would definitely not have enjoyed doing it…  as I observed watching the guy in the workshop (right). It took over an hour for the poor guy sweating his face off to get the blessed old brake discs off. Which gave me plenty of time to go down to Halfords and buy some engine oil, which on reflection was a bit of a bad idea given that I was already laden with wheels.  On the slip side to this however, I got given a free set of screwdrivers… don’t ask! I’ve never needed screwdrivers to change my engine oil before.

Anyhow the final result was this:

…I know, I know, it looks no different to you, the wheels are just “silvery”, but there is a difference and I know it… I think. 😉

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  1. I would have been super glad that I wasn’t the one who was sweating my face off to get that thing tuned up & ready to go! bet you’re glad it’s all done now though 🙂

  2. I am so pleased that you have finally managed to get it all done – well worth it. Its all down to the fun part now – enjoy!

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