Barcelona….and home bound

Hello again, here in the flight home from Barcelona. The whirlwind trip to Spain arriving two hours late on ferry and now less than a day later I’m sat on a plane, heading home. llow me to step back a little and take you back to Italy…

After waking frozen in Cascia at dawn by 8, Noel and I were heading down the road we had been on; passing a impressive chapel at the top of a mountain that drove vertically out of the ground, with cliffs on side; we both were in awe! We continued another couple of miles only to discover the road leaded into a track and eventually into someone’s driveway… a mistake clearly had happened somewhere, and there had not been any crossroads or split in the road for miles! We concluded the wrong turn must have been twenty miles before, in Cascia. So back we rode, past our campsite, back to the town of Cascia, and back on the road we needed to be on. The ride from there was plain sailing although still quite long and eventually pulled into Civitavecchia around three-ish

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