Innoculated and Ferry

Hey hey!!

God, this trip is almost imminent.

I am just writing a line or 2 to tell you that last night we booked the ferry (in unison) to cross to Alexandria from Venice on the 23rd … it’s a 4 day cruise and cost us €412.05… woot woot! (i’m sure that we will starve on the ferry).

Also, I’m keen to tell you about the amazing wonders I never cease to amaze myself with. I checked the time this morning at 10:09 (having been up since 7am) to realize I had a 10:10 appointment for my inoculations. Sure enough, I threw on a t-shirt, underwear, a pair of trousers, donned my boots, grabbed, keys, chequebook, my helmet and did an ungodly speed to the doctor’s surgery where to my amazement I was seen. I was only 8 minutes late, and we’re given 10 minutes grace.  Not bad going… 4 jabs later and 2 more appointments booked and then I’m ready to go! Scary!

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  1. Hey Guys … only a few more weeks now huh ? 🙂 … We will catch you onboard the Visemar One, we are also heading out to Egypt on the 23rd of Sept.

    We are 3, 2 guys and a gal, South Africans travelling down to Cape Town, same route as you … gonna be good 🙂

    See you soon !

  2. Hehe … yeah well, just hope they bladdy fix it. Just spoke to them and still have some issues … they know we are doing a trip on these and I think they are trying their best to sort it out.

    See you guys in Italy …

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