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Val d’Aran for the Weekend

Val d'Aran

This weekend, I rode up to the Pyrenees mountains to visit Juan and Bea, from back when I was riding up to Alaska with Stefano.  They have finished their cycling trip and now live in the mountains in a cute little village near the French border called Val d’Aran. Val[…]

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Tibidabo 004 Cycle

This post is yet another cycling report: Tibidabo 004 (you will get used to them!) So, all is going well for me here in Barcelona! Since my tendon injury and my bike theft I’ve managed to heal up a lot on the arm and as I mentioned before I have[…]

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Tibidabo 002 Cycling


New Bike I’ve recently re-bought a bicycle, yes the last one was stolen after a month of owning it. 😕   It’s taken me 3 months to gain the confidence to purchase another.  Granted this one is most likely was stolen from someone else, well the parts were made up from[…]

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