Tibidabo 006 Cycle

Tibidabo 006 Cycle

Torre CollserolaHello all, it’s been a while since I wrote about my cycling up to Tibidabo, and there’s a fair reason for that.   I haven’t done it in a few weeks! Between being distracted by climbing, poor health and such I just haven’t got myself round to cycling up the mountain lately.

It came as a huge effort lately, with the summer heat starting up to get out on the bike again and cycling up to Tibidabo!

Let it be a surprise to you as it was to me, that this time around in scorching heat, and having not done any training in weeks, that I happened to get a personal record on cycling time up!

Tibidabo 006

Understanding the Data

I honestly struggle to understand the overall of this, I felt very out of shape and didn’t feel like I was doing well at all.   I could say this of the previous time and the time before that. Each of these times I’ve consistently shaved MINUTES off my previous attempts.   This time round really did shock me, 58 minutes vs my previous time of 103 minutes to the summit.  The only exception I can make which is a rather logical and fair one to make is that I have altered the route a little to save me going down the tight pedestrian parts of Sarria where I can explain the time saver.


Broken Spoke bent round others

My bike seems to be a money pit, every time I get on it, I see more money I need to spend on it, usually not so much “wants” but more “needs”.  This time around after arriving at the top of Tibidabo, I had noticed the bike was making a funny loose metal clanging sound which I hadn’t identified.  It was indeed a broken spoke in the rear wheel.   Upon inspection I saw I was also missing an entire spoke somewhere else on the wheel.

Energy Food

While I have been toying with making my own Banana Bread Lärabars, I recently had my friends Alesha and Max visit me from the US and they brought me a box of Larabars.   I have to say it put a kick in my step to have this at the top!

What I have seen that is different from the way I make them, is that the chunks of almonds are much chunkier in the Lärabars. I had forgotten how nice it is to have that nuttiness in every bite.


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