Kent (vlogging with idle chatter)

Closed after 16:00Having a meeting in Chatham, Kent today, I decided to ride via the country lanes. Which is a 40 mile (64km) ride avoiding motorways.  It made for great riding, the weather was fabulous and I got lost various times but all in all made for a great day on the bike. Since I arrived about 2 hours early to the venue of the meeting I headed on up to Upnor (Kent) where I’ve been before for a quick view of the Castle, sadly I found that it closes at 4pm and I was too late to get in. However, it made for great riding in the garden of England (the slogan for Kent).

I attempted to reply to a few (Conrod36OBlahdeblah52 and Harleyman5521)  other moto-vloggers out there and here is my footage!

Neil’s in… Kent


At the beginning of the video I tried to learn how to do wheelies in the dark. However, the GoPro Hero HD1 has awful low light sensitivity and makes it appear like it was pitch dark, however, this was not the case. Although, what is the case is that my wheelies are awful. I’ll keep you posted as I improve! 🙂

I am not sure why I am so keen all of a sudden to learn how to do wheelies but I’m sure that in time we will find out if there is any point to them at all.  Currently, I am still stuck with getting the basics together. I’d love to have some feedback to the benefits of wheelies! Does it give excessive wear to the chain/sprockets, piston rings, etc?

On a side note, I am still waiting to hear if my parts have arrived in from Suzuki, the bolt, stud and nut to fit the exhaust header. I cannot wait to get the FMF PowerCore 4 fitted to my DRZ.

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