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Barcelona with the Aussies

The Aussies Last year, before leaving Mexico City, I met Kyl and Heidi for the second time.  Kyl had been backpacking for a year in South America when I met him in Chiapas and Heidi had flown out of Australia to meet him for the last month on the road.  Sometimes[…]

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Val d’Aran for the Weekend

Val d'Aran

This weekend, I rode up to the Pyrenees mountains to visit Juan and Bea, from back when I was riding up to Alaska with Stefano.  They have finished their cycling trip and now live in the mountains in a cute little village near the French border called Val d’Aran. Val[…]

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A Friend Visit by Sam

A Friend visit from Sam

I had Sam, (an architecture university friend) visit me last weekend. We had been talking about him visiting since I first got to Barcelona in August, however between work, Christmas and commitments to his personal career (doing his Part 3), he was unable to come sooner.  The good news is[…]

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Adapting to Change (Surviving adversity)

Adapting to Change

Adapting to Change Over the years my travel experiences, much like my life experiences have all been a tale of how I managed to adapt my ways to the change of things that are.  Career, health, destination, budget, travel companions, love, vehicle, climate etc… the list is exhaustive!  While the[…]

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