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I wasn’t able to connect to the net yesterday but we ended up just outside of Le Mans last night in a nice campsite in a quiet town called Beaumont-sur-Sarthe. The trip from Dieppe to Le Mans was nice despite the torturous heat.  This morning Dan and I had to part ways as he has to be back in Blighty for the weekend. However, it was lovely having the two days with him, I’m looking forward to the prospect of Dan’s adventure bike being much slower.. thus less guilt about going slowly.

Anyhow here’s yesterday’s photos: (roughly in order, coffee in Dieppe route planning, Pain au Raisin for breakfast, lunch!, pose in a village square, and then finally found a campsite)

Currently I’m  in Rochefort (I couldn’t resist!) after a very hot and long (190 miles) day riding. I stopped in Baugé for lunch had the plat du jour in one of the joints they had which was the best meal in a very long time… some pork stew, spinach in a cheesey sauce and a salad.. and it didn’t break the bank at all. I was over the moon.

The weather started to turn while I was eating and I had hoped the rain was going to come and wash away the heat, sadly it was just wind and dark clouds, which did cool things down. So I rode the rest of the journey with my jacket on, which was good…gave me more space to move back into my seat and enjoy the ride.

So after grinding for 6 hours on the bike I finally got to Rochefort, signs for the campsites lead me on a 20 minute ride around the whole of the town and finally I got to the 3 star dive I’m currently at. Irony would have it that this is twice as expensive as the night before and half as good. I guess the hygiene goes along with the cheese, moldy and stinks.  However, the cool sea breeze is delicious after 3 days under the scorching sun.

So here’s today’s photos. 😀

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  1. that danish looks absolutely delicious! I want one! also; jealous that you were in Dieppe, I’ve wanted to go there/

    sucks that it didn’t rain, as rain is quite lovely, especially when it’s really hot.

    hope that you’re not TOO agitated with the dive hotel, but sea breeze is pretty awesome!

    sounds like you’re having a blast <3

  2. I just had a look for Rochefort on the map, can’t believe how far you’ve gone already! Did you go to Allan? You should have gone to Allan.

    Heh, I see you already did the smelly/cheese joke 😀

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