Andorra with a Friend

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andorra with a friend

Riding to Andorra with a Friend

Anyhow, I was sad to leave my very kind host Bea yesterday, but I was soon distracted with riding with Alex behind . We came to Andorra in an í¼ber slow manner. We set off at about 3:10 and arrived about 8:30 (don’t ask!). After changing my head light and tail light (which both miraculously broke at the same time) to discover that the new bulbs didn’t work and refueling; we did a detour via Montserrat where Bea and I went a few days ago to enjoy the road again. Alex loved it and felt he must do a back flip to prove his excitement (pictured), it’s not everyday you ride with a stunt man as a companion.


We stopped in a Lidl to buy some food in a town named Solsona where we sat in the shade of a wall to rest a bit from the heat. The bellowing clouds of a forest fire south of us concerned me but we carried on forward winding up the B road till we joined the C 14. After facing some terrible oncoming traffic leaving Andorra where we found our hostel for the night. I cannot express how happy we both were to come out of the boiler climate of Barcelona to the cold mountain breezes of the Pyrenees just 200 km away.

We cooked our dinner in the dorm room and chatted for a few hours getting to know each other some more.

Anyhow, I did a little experimenting with taking photos from my phone whilst riding and got some good results (pictured).


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  1. cant talk to you on skype cos my internet isnt working again! but emmas been nice enough to lend me her laptop, looks like youre having an amazing time love the pic of your back flipping friend. well get in touch when you get back x

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