Hamburg has Ginger Squirrels!

This morning got up at 6 something and honestly can’t remember when I was so hot.. it was horrid. Anyhow, stacked up on the buffet breakfast and made myself lunch with it. Then left for a walk.

So on my walk around the city this morning I went to see the botanical gardens and suchlike… as you do. I find myself looking at a ginger squirrel!

Anyhow I wandered around the park and found myself taking poxy pictures of myself…

…but in other news there were lots of things to see!

I ended up sat down outside the congress hall looking at my map of the city to see what else there was to see that I’d like, and out of nowhere a lovely German girl came over and speaking in fluent English came over and helped me out. Suggested that I walked down the canal and check out the old warehouses near the dock. (photos for when I get back… it takes forever to upload anything on here.

Well there we have it. See what tales I have from Denmark tomorrow…. I just saw that Copenhagen is over 400KMs away from here. I want to start slowing down the pace that I’ve been doing, afterall I’m arriving at Scandinavia already.

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