allo from Hamburg

Heya from Hamburg.  I spent like 485485o2349853 hours on the road and finally got to hamburg today… and it was well worth it.  I am in the main hostel in the port and made friends with two of my room mates and will be staying here 2 nights so i can take some of Hamburg in. Also I need a break from riding.

I can’t wait to have a break from the riding. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the chance to take some photos and upload a couple tomorrow.

Yesterday was quite depressing, the ride was hellish after leaving Antwerpen, took me 2 hours to get out of the damn place and then Duisburg which i had high expectations was impossible to navigate around and nowhere for me to stay the night so I carried on to Wesel and found a campsite city. What seemed to be expensive €18.5 worked out ok because in the morning i got €10 back for tidying up.

It started raining today whilst on the road, it made it interesting. I discovered my jacket is NOT waterproof without the waterproof lining.  Anyhow I’ll write something more coherent tomorrow when I’m more clear in mind.


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