Day 2 and coping in Copenhagen..just about

I managed to get to bed last night with still not having met any of my room mates… from what i gathered in my sleepy-eyed state was that the couple who had put their beds together were italian… a gay couple. I thought it was a mixed sex room but obviously i was wrong. The person in the bunk below me snored like they were on their death-bed… such fun. As with Hamburg the dorm was roasting, except for in this instance they closed the windows and drew the curtains and incase you weren’t aware I am doing this trip without a watch…. so when I woke up this morning at 4:55 and saw light trying to creep in through the curtains I decided to get up…. got dressed… reached for my camera and checked the time on it… noticed it was silly of me… got undressed again and jumped in bed for another 90 minutes.

It’s not rained today although the weather forecase said it would… I hope that doesn’t mean it will rain tomorrow. I was kind of hoping to camp in sunny sweden.

Anyhow here’s some of the photos from today:

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  1. Hi Neil, So is this still Copenhagen? what are your impressions? (except for the hostel – which didn’t sound so good) at least it looks nice and empty!

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