Subirats Climbing

Subirats Climbing

This weekend I went to Subirats climbing with my English teaching friends. Yes, they teach English (a couple of them) and they climb! I had wanted us to go to Savassonna bouldering. However, after three weeks of trying to borrow or rent crash pads without any luck, I started to get worried.

I did spent the best part of 3 weeks asking people at the rock gym of people or places where I could hire a crash pad. I went to many stores and also phoning others to see if I could get my hands on the fabled crash pads that everyone seemed to have hired the year before. I also repeatedly tried to locate used crash pads for sale. It was frustrating! Alvaro, one of the non-british folk suggested we went to Subirats climbing as a plan B.

Hiring the car was easy, and out here using SocialCar was actually so cheap and convenient!

Route to Subirats Climbing


Driving to Subirats was actually remarkably easy! I’d say about 75% of the journey is what I do on my way to one of my classes I give twice a week. I know the route like the back of my hand.


Setting offThe location is in a valley facing a Subirats castle which from up there you can see the Montserrat ridge, it’s actually a beautiful view from up there. The castle is a tenth century castle which was used to defend the Christians from the Moors . Today it is mostly in ruins with a church and a restaurant (which was closed when we got there).

The Climb

Climbing routes we took were mostly 4-5 and 6s. I attempted a couple of 6a+ / 6b and well thankfully I was being top-roped as it became tricky toward the end, otherwise it was something you’d be able to walk up on the flip-flops while holding a ice-lolly. I couldn’t understand the grading to be honest! It was good climbing practice leading up the routes and practicing the securing and anchoring. It was a great day out and the sun was great on our backs the whole day without being too hot!

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