Hike to Tibidabo with Teaching Folk

Hike to Tibidabo with Teaching Folk

Checking the dates of when I last posted a blog (1st August 2017), it’s almost a year since I wrote anything.  I assure you my life hasn’t been stationary, I’ve just not had energy, interest or motivation to write.   It’s now (2nd June 2018), I’m going to try and repopulate some of the highlights of this past year.    I assure you it could be mistaken that I live a glamorous life 2017 was one of the most depressing years of my life.

Hike to Tibidabo with Teaching Folk

A few weeks ago, I heard from Tamara who invited me on a birthday hike from Sant Cugat to Tibidabo.  I hadn’t heard/seen from her since Christmas and felt it was high time I caught up.

As usual with Tamara, the hike to Tibidabo with teaching folk would be a thing as most of her friends are English teachers also.

The Hike


Well, we met at a reasonable time in the morning in Sant Cugat by the station and immediately started with the hard task of a sit-down coffee and chat. :-)  After we all had gathered and got our energies up, we set off on the strenuous task of ambling to Tibidabo.  We set off as a group of around 9 of us (correct me if I am wrong), which made for good diverse conversations along the way.   The weather was great, maybe if anything a little too warm but that’s expected for the time of year and our current latitude.

One thing I’ve had on my side this past time I’ve been in Spain has been health, despite many injuries and ailments my health has been unlike ever before, I’ve been training a lot and taking care of myself as much as I can.  As with all things physical the more you do the more you want to do and the more likely you are to get injured.   Thus the injuries, however, this particular day, I was feeling top form. The walk was akin to taking a stroll to the supermarket, I’m conscious compared with other times in my life.

The day before I had prepared a banana cake for Tamara’s birthday and was carrying that to share with everyone, it came in very nice during our lunch stop.


The Route

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  1. Glad that you are fully active and engaged.
    Looks like you have a decent ride.
    Thanks for the update … Makes me feel good to see you smiling.

  2. Hi Neil.
    Just thought I would take a few minutes to look through a few posts, read about what you’ve been doing and check out the pics. ….since you haven’t posted any videos recently. Sorry to hear that you’ve been quite down in 2017. Has this year been any better so far? I don’t quite know what to say though…. just thought I should drop you a note saying hi and that I hope this year is better. Post and such when you can and just focus on you and your life, the rest just needs to be squeezed in whenever we are able to. As for me, I rode very little in 2017. So little in fact that I was able to create a short montage of all my rides for the entire season, all in one short video. Ok maybe two! Actually it is like, only 80% finished as I write this. I think I mention you in the video as well. I plan to post it when it is completed. 2018 has been much better for me here in the mountains north of Montreal. Take care and keep on. XR Rider from Canada.

    1. Hi Mark, thank’s for your message, things certainly have not been easy these past 2 years. I’ll be sure to write more and create more when I have managed to get myself off the ground eh! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words; when I have time I will endeavour to watch your rides!

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