Cape Town

Yesterday evening we (Cam, Craig, Eve (Craig’s girlfriend), Max, Jakob and I) arrived in Cape Town! After 3 months and 22 days (for me at least) and everything has been great. I’m pleased to say that between the 5 bikers we’ve only had 1 puncture between us and that was Jakob on that horrid Moyale road from Ethiopia into Kenya (and clearly we weren’t riding together as that’d never happen under Daisy’s watch).

I do apologise for not keeping you all in the loop. Internet rates in Namibia are high and availability is scarce much like the north of South Africa. Add that to the fact my laptop is now broken and you’ve got a good set of excuses for not writing anything.

I’m going to try and book my bike on a flight home, I will later try and share with you some of the fantastic sights we’ve seen on our way these past few weeks. No guarentees as these computers aren’t great but I will TRY!

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