…and we’re off!

Hi all!

In less than 12 hours time, Ed and I will head down to Portsmouth to commence our 4-6 month trip through Africa. We’ll board our trusty Brittany Ferry ship (Port Avon) and head down to Santander from which we will head back to my family village of Covaleda. We intend to spend around about a week there.

Yesterday, I had a couple of visits, Dan (from last year’s trip) came to see how I had kitted up the bike and view the new house; which was then followed by that tyrant Ed, who has latched onto going to Africa with me… 😉 hehe! I think it was more his idea than mine.

Despite everything in my department seeming to be fine and good, Ed in his wisdom decided my front brakes didn’t deem road safe and had us stressing out all day trying to find a replacement part. Alas, we found plenty of sources, but I settled for going without. I’ll risk it! 😀

Anyhow here’s a couple of photos from yesterday:

5472|450 5476|450 5479|450

I look forward to writing more and posting more stuff from Spain soon!

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  1. Good luck Neil,I shall be keeping a close eye on you both,I may even whizz past you both on my rented moped in Italy!
    Noel x no x
    p.s don’t bother with that front brake thingy ma jig,remember what happened the last time you used it?!

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