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Adapting to Change (Surviving adversity)

Adapting to Change

Adapting to Change Over the years my travel experiences, much like my life experiences have all been a tale of how I managed to adapt my ways to the change of things that are.  Career, health, destination, budget, travel companions, love, vehicle, climate etc… the list is exhaustive!  While the[…]

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Calçotada in Terres de l’Ebre

Calçots on the Fire

I was invited to a Calçotada (an onion eating event) out here in Catalonia by some Catalan friends, I have to say that the hospitality was wonderful as was the weather and the food. Neil and Food Allergies Until I was 30 I would happily eat anything you presented me[…]

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Sony RX100m4 (and jumping ship)

Why write about the Sony RX100m4? I’m writing this article despite the Sony RX100m4 is neither a new model or new when I bought it, or even new to me now.   🙂   However, I’ve now owned the unit for some weeks now and I’ve used it a fair[…]

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Quitting an Addiction (to Facebook?)

Quitting an Addiction… one you didn’t know was an Addiction Before you hastily judge, I’d like to share a quick anecdote: What was the Worst part of America? Whenever I tell people that I spent 16 months travelling north and central America on a 250 dirt bike, OR …that in[…]

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Starting Something Old Something New

I decided this year to do something old something new, something I missed doing, something I used to take a lot of enjoyment in doing, and something that ultimately makes the future me happy.  Yes, that’s right, I used to write a blog, years ago back in the day of[…]

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