You have to be a twerp to go to Antwerpen!

Well, just got here (Antwerpen) ¬†and can’t wait to leave. It’s horrid.

Spent the night at Brugge ode to Luke’s bike being problematic. I would have liked to have been here already but oh well. I would like to have spend more time here and write something interesting about my experience so far but having a nagging Nigerian woman asking me for help at this internet place I am urging to leave here instantly.

Note, the little roads and lanes off of Belgium and France are lovely, they’re really tiny and flat and no hedge-rows spoiling the view of the lovely scenery. It’s a must-see!

Off to Germany… ciao!

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  1. Did you like Brugge? did you meet up with the others on the Euro Tunnel & are they going with you to Scandinavia or are you parting company in Germany?

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