the Mountains with Mum

In the Mountains with Mum

Mum came to visit to me again last week.  Being it is peak season out here in Barcelona so I went to the mountains with mum. 🙂


We spent a couple of nights in Barcelona before escaping out of the city.   I didn’t take many photos while mum was here. However, here are a couple of the Magic Fountain display they do at night by the National Palace of Catalonia. I have always seen it from far away, and usually been intimidated by the huge crowds that gather.

The event lasts about an hour and the fountains illuminate and dance to the classical music that they play.  It’s quite amazing!


In the Mountains with Mum

Mum, who has been to Barcelona numerous times, and how isn’t crazy about the Spanish heat, didn’t mind escaping away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona in summer season.

We had a rental car and took it away to Rodellar (a climbing mecca I had read and heard about on many different places), it’s near Huesca in the pre-Pyrenees.

At the time my left index finger still on the repair after 7 weeks of rest, so climbing still wasn’t an option.

Mum and I enjoyed our peaceful time in Rodellar, enjoying the good company of the people at the refugio, and did some walking.  But soon had to be on the road again.

From Rodellar

After 2 days in Rodellar, we headed north into the Pyrenees and along the N-260.  The N-260 is a road that lines the south side of the Pyrenees and holds spectacular views, bridges, tunnels and winding roads from coast to coast.

We drove from Rodellar to Ainsa to get on to the N-260. Then east along the road, making our way to Sort. This is where a couple of weeks ago I met Hafsteinn. The drive was beautiful!

That night we camped down in the same spot I did a few weeks ago.  This was the first time my mum had camped since she was a teenager.   I had tried to prepare her for the fact it might get cold in the night, but she insisted on having just the mosquito net up.

The next morning, poor mum was frozen, she had been freezing half the night and although I had told her what to do she just endured it. 🙁   I made a coffee before packing up and then got on my way to pack down the tents and make sure no litter was left.

We then drove back to Barcelona where mum had an early flight the next day.

Our Route


It’s a strange observation that when you have a near and very dear friend/family member visit you, you take less photographs.  I have a blog post I am still writing from 2 months ago when Aleshia and Max came to visit, sadly I have very little photos to show for it.  I find photographs such good documentation tools that without them I feel a little lost.

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