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I’m glad to tell you that I’m now in Namibia and at the capital city of Windhoek… however, I am currently ill again. The others have headed off to Swakopmund for a few days to see the Atlantic and suchlike. However, I’m going to spend a few days here recovering.

The good news is that we have flown over the Okovango Delta, and obviously rode through Botswana. Additionally we met the German guys again (Max and Jakob) and rode with them for the past 3 days.

Anyhow, internet here is bloody expensive and I’m not feeling so good… and my laptop just this minute broke so be patient!

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  1. hey neil! hope you’re feeling better, we (me, darren and molly) ran into the guys in swakopmund while we were there. we had some fun at an empty town.

    cheers and good luck! =)

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