6 Days and Counting!

Well it’s been all a bit hectic! I’ve been to Spain (on holiday), I’ve moved home. I’ve had to try and sort out all my inoculations and above all work a job. There has been some huge hiccups on the way: removal people refused to do the job in full, my driver’s license didn’t renew correctly, my bank didn’t issue the credit card I ordered and so on. However, most of it is coming together.  I’ve had my last Rabies jab, my driver’s license arrived just now as it should be.  My carnet is sorted…. all that is left is to pack and leave! I’m so excited I don’t know how to begin to tell you!

Something I didn’t add earlier, it’s in Spanish but you should enjoy all the same. During fiestas in the village people have a Coche Fiestas which basically is an old heap decorated up to drive around the village wrecklessly. Here’s ours:


The car is an Aixam 400 diesel, which is a microcar for use without a drivers license.  You’d be surprised how powerful and durable it is.

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