37 days to go… Rabies, IDP, and no bike!!!

Hey hey there! Well, Ed left yesterday after spending the past 4 days down here tinkering with the DRZ. So far the bike is in great shape (for a unicycle). The forks are off and up in the Wirral at the moment. I have just collected my viles of rabipur which in any other place in England would have charged me in the region of £200, but being where I am and the high risk of rabies… I’m provided the medication for free.  Additionally, I have recieved my International Driver’s Permit from the RAC last week… everything seems to be spinning (mostly my head).  I certainly looking forward to handing in my notice, in fact I was tempted to doing it this week.

Well after doing lots of bits and bobs to my DRZ, it is in fact almost done, the bearings are changed, the handlebars, barkbusters, grips, screen are all fitted, the seat lugs are re-threaded, tyres are changed.. wheels are ready… all I have to do is fit the forks in readiness for the off… and maybe 29 litres of fuel. Oh and… no post is complete without a youtube clip:


The front was indeed (as Ed promised) a lot easier than the rear… 37 punctures give or take in order to replace just the tyre… and he claimed he knew what he was doing.

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  1. Watching you two changing a tyre for three minutes and twenty five seconds has to be some of the most exiting pre round the world footage I have ever seen,lets hope it makes it onto the final official DVD,and I don’t just mean on the extras!.

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