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Edward James's Pozas

  I left Tolantongo after a great couple of nights, leaving at 9 am after a decent breakfast and packing up. GPS again giving me false readings telling me 4 hours to destination. Keep in mind the drive was just under 300km but through various mountain passes.  Up and down[…]

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Xilitla and onto Tucson

Xilitla and onto Tucson Foreword  This is a lot of distance covered, and despite a day stop over in San Luis Potosí, the actual time stopped between Xilitla and onto Tucson was minimal. My feeling toward Mexico at this point was wearing thin and I couldn’t wait to be back[…]

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Tucson and onto Phoenix

Tucson and onto Phoenix Foreword My rhythm of travel changed once I had crossed the US/Mexican border. I felt I was more able to catch my breath (despite it being unbearably hot). Leaving the warmth of Ron in Tucson and his great hospitality. I’ll remind you of my intentions when leaving[…]

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Phoenix onto Flagstaff

Phoenix onto Flagstaff This post is about the 6 days between Phoenix onto Flagstaff and the adventures on the way. Let me remind you, it had been very hot, and made venturing out of the air-condition comfort very challenging.  I guess that’s my only excuse for not going and getting[…]

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Flagstaff, Grand Canyon and Beyond

Preface Flagstaff, Grand Canyon and Beyond I’m very conscious that it is almost a year later that I’m writing these blog posts, keep in mind the memories aren’t very current but seeing the photographs and videos I’m having memories flood back to me. Flagstaff I left Flagstaff after a few[…]

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