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Where's my bloody _______ ?

Going by the title, I’ve spent the best part of today looking for things… and indeed that means: I’ve tried to pack.  I did some more tweaks to my bike earlier.  Everything should be ship-shaped, just the tyre pressure needs looking at now… oh and after spending a long old[…]

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2 Days to go!

Between one thing and another I’ve been fiddling with some of the gizmos I’ve got myself for this trip, and basically trying to get ready. Yesterday I gave the bike a polish looked for things I could break fix; I noticed the ignition switch was buggy and so was the[…]

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Just Getting Started

I just had a hectic day moving my last few bits out of my uni house today and getting a few preparatory things for the trip. Signing over my keys and arranging the last few utility bill/telephone bills to be cancelled. To be honest I’m quite tired from it all.

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