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Mazatlán, Mexico

Camping by the Beach

I’ve made it to Mazatlán, Mexico.  The past few weeks have been incredibly trying for me in terms of morale.  I have been persevering through one of the hardest times of this trip yet, questioning myself at every step. I’ll try and keep that narrative away from what I’ve been[…]

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South Lake Tahoe

Hi there, I’m in South Lake Tahoe. So from Beaverton, Oregon, I set off south toward the 101 highway following the coastline.  Making it to Yachats the first night, camping down a little trail, swamped with McDonald’s litter, after tidying up a little it was a very pleasant site, miles[…]

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Beaverton, Oregon

Hanging hammock in the Hoh National Forest

I am no longer in Portland or better said: Beaverton, Oregon, again ashamed of my delay with the blog writings but I must persevere. From Vancouver Island, I left Kim and his wonderful family in Victoria and caught myself a ferry to Port Angeles in Washington (back to the USA).[…]

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Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

The creek I went to go swimming in near Tofino

I am no longer in Victoria, Vancouver Island… So I acknowledge everything is a little delayed, including this blog writing.  I feel terrible about this. From Haines, Alaska, I spent a week there enjoying a restful time in the small fishing village of Haines which is stated in previous post.  However, from[…]

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Haines, Alaska

Magic Bus

4th July Hi hi, again attempting to prevent the inevitable blog avoidance syndrome… I’m 100 miles south of the magic bus, camping in a rainforest of types; at the time of commencing this post. Very surreal situation lead me here, after leaving Anchorage a day later than planned having spent[…]

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Anchorage, Alaska

From Anchorage, Alaska Hello all, I’m in Anchorage, Alaska!  It seems to be harder and harder to keep on top of blog writing on this trip.  Ironic really, I have lots of means to being online, but finding it hard to juggle all the mediums.! Here’s a draft I’ve started[…]

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Sandy, Oregon

Preface: It’s taken a while to do this update,  apologies for those tentatively waiting on hearing what comes next.  I am writing this retrospectively upon my stay in Sandy, I’m currently somewhere in British Columbian, but I’ll write about that in a separate blog post. Please accept my apologies again, I[…]

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Silverton, Colorado

Hi hi folk,  I’m currently resting up in Silverton, Colorado for some essential R&R from the adventure lifestyle, and to get some blog updates and video edits complete. All is well otherwise! Quickly here’s a quick summary of  “The Empire Strikes Brap” Since my pathetic attempt to setting off last time,[…]

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St. George, Utah

I’ve been in Utah since Tuesday last week. It has been wild! Since Chicago, I left in baking heat of Illinois, flew 3 hours south and arrived in a turbulent, blizzard filled Salt Lake City, after a minor confusion with waltzing straight out of the plane into the car-park (almost)[…]

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