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Xilitla and onto Tucson

Xilitla and onto Tucson Foreword  This is a lot of distance covered, and despite a day stop over in San Luis Potosí, the actual time stopped between Xilitla and onto Tucson was minimal. My feeling toward Mexico at this point was wearing thin and I couldn’t wait to be back[…]

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Guatemala and Back to Mexico

Another very wet day in Oaxaca

“To Guatemala and Back” As you may well know, I’ve been in Mexico for a long time now, and to answer the oh-so-very old questions I keep being asked: “No, I haven’t fallen in love with a Mexican lady or the city”  and “No I’m not earning astronomical figures that[…]

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Horizons Unlimited Boycott

Horizons Unlimited After various years of being a Horizons Unlimited enthusiast, I felt it was time to defer to something a little less main-stream.  Granted the Horizons Unlimited events are usually good fun with plenty of things to see, people to talk to and usually great energy, despite the Ewan[…]

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