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Day 2 and coping in Copenhagen..just about

I managed to get to bed last night with still not having met any of my room mates… from what i gathered in my sleepy-eyed state was that the couple who had put their beds together were italian… a gay couple. I thought it was a mixed sex room but[…]

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Did I say Denmark was cheap? …. [ding ding] ….WRONG!!! I had a good drive to Copenhagen despite the driving rain. It was like driving underwater: not fun. I have spent the whole afternoon looking for somewhere to eat, drink and internet… THIS PLACE IS SO EXPENSIVE. I’ve walked about[…]

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Hallo from Denmark

I had the coolest cruise into Ribe this morning, 3 hours that felt like half an hour and the roads were absolutely heaven as soon as I entered Denmark.  I took the B roads and did about 100km on these vast straight, smooth well signposted roads leading me all the[…]

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