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Starting Something Old Something New

I decided this year to do something old something new, something I missed doing, something I used to take a lot of enjoyment in doing, and something that ultimately makes the future me happy.  Yes, that’s right, I used to write a blog, years ago back in the day of[…]

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Quitting an Addiction (to Facebook?)

Quitting an Addiction… one you didn’t know was an Addiction Before you hastily judge, I’d like to share a quick anecdote: What was the Worst part of America? Whenever I tell people that I spent 16 months travelling north and central America on a 250 dirt bike, OR …that in[…]

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Sony RX100m4 (and jumping ship)

Why write about the Sony RX100m4? I’m writing this article despite the Sony RX100m4 is neither a new model or new when I bought it, or even new to me now.   🙂   However, I’ve now owned the unit for some weeks now and I’ve used it a fair[…]

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Calçotada in Terres de l’Ebre

I was invited to a Calçotada (an onion eating event) out here in Catalonia by some Catalan friends, I have to say that the hospitality was wonderful as was the weather and the food. Neil and food allergies Until I was 30 I would happily eat anything you presented me on[…]

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Adapting to Change (Surviving adversity)

Adapting to Change

Adapting to Change Over the years my travel experiences, much like my life experiences have all been a tale of how I managed to adapt my ways to the change of things that are.  Career, health, destination, budget, travel companions, love, vehicle, climate etc… the list is exhaustive!  While the[…]

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Tibidabo 002 Cycling


New Bike I’ve recently re-bought a bicycle, yes the last one was stolen after a month of owning it. 😕   It’s taken me 3 months to gain the confidence to purchase another.  Granted this one is most likely was stolen from someone else, well the parts were made up from[…]

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A Friend Visit by Sam

A Friend visit from Sam

I had Sam, (an architecture university friend) visit me last weekend. We had been talking about him visiting since I first got to Barcelona in August, however between work, Christmas and commitments to his personal career (doing his Part 3), he was unable to come sooner.  The good news is[…]

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Tibidabo 004 Cycle

This post is yet another cycling report: Tibidabo 004 (you will get used to them!) So, all is going well for me here in Barcelona! Since my tendon injury and my bike theft I’ve managed to heal up a lot on the arm and as I mentioned before I have[…]

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Val d’Aran for the Weekend

Val d'Aran

This weekend, I rode up to the Pyrenees mountains to visit Juan and Bea, from back when I was riding up to Alaska with Stefano.  They have finished their cycling trip and now live in the mountains in a cute little village near the French border called Val d’Aran. Val[…]

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