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Hi hi! After a difficult night the night before departure with nerves we left at 7am and headed off to Portsmouth with Mum and a sack of food. We made good time, had plenty of time to kick around. Ferry set off all on good time, but soon we realized[…]

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Hi! I’ve been struggling to write anything when I’ve had the opportunity to get online (mostly due to the hectic family crisii that seem to occur every time I get my head down to concentrate). Suffice to say, I’m now writing this all elsewhere with the intent of pasting it[…]

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Hey hey! Ed are on our first night away from the warm embrace of my Spanish family, and currently a day’s ride away from Barcelona. We left Lodosa this morning and rode idly down tertiary roads all the way to Barbastro, which is a nice little city (much to our surprise).[…]

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I’m currently in Barcelona. Ed and I arrived yesterday in the afternoon from Barbastro,  I have since bought myself a mobile phone with the intent of getting it unlocked, so I can use it in Africa; however, after buying it and taking it to be unlocked, I’ve been informed it’s[…]

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